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Animus Third Eye Visions

Empowered AF Intention Travel Set

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Empowerment and Inner Strength crystal intention travel set with pouch.
This set contains 8 powerful stones that gives you inner power that comes from a place of peace. When you are empowered, you're fueled with personal power, unencumbered by fear, and have the confidence to make your own decisions. Live authentically and leave all fears behind you.
Each set includes the following:
Travel Size Pouch
Clear Quartz
Blue Lace Agate
Green Jade
Rose Quartz
Lapis Lazuli

"A soul empowered embraces life"
I am my best self at the present moment.
I trust my intuition to make good decisions.
I am an empowered soul that has taken the path that empowers my soul to bravely gain wisdom from life's lessons and pains.